About EREA


EREA is a non-profit association with the objectives:

  • to promote and represent the joint interests of its members;
  • to intensify the co-operation between its members, aimed at further integration of their activities in the field of civil, military and space-related aeronautics;
  • to improve and intensify the co-operation of EREA and its members with third parties in the field of aeronautics;
  • to facilitate the ultimate goal of the Members of an integrated management of joint activities, thereby contributing to Europe’s role as a global player in aeronautics.


  • 1993: Joint Position paper
  • October 1994: AEREA creation
  • May 1999: Establishment of EREA Association


The European ambition in aeronautics will have to rely on European research collaboration. EREA is responding to this need by:

  • Scientific and technical support to industrial projects;
  • Cooperating with authorities and industry to define and implement a long term research policy encompassing both commercial and technological dimensions;
  • Providing objective, neutral and impartial expertise to EU, national authorities, industry and other bodies.

Fields of Activity

EREA covers all activities relating to aeronautics in the fields of Basic Research, Applied Research and Support to Development:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Materials & Structures
  • Propulsion
  • Flight mechanics
  • Acoustics
  • Avionics
  • Security
  • Ground testing
  • Flight testing, Simulation
  • Human factors
  • Environment measuring
  • Safety
  • Air & airport traffic management
  • Aircraft operation

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15 years of European Cooperation in Aeronautics