EREA Side-Event at #Aerodays2020

EREA Side-Event at #Aerodays2020

Berlin, 25th of November, 09:00 -10:30


Focus: ideas towards the future of aviation, on the next 30/50 years, with very short introduction on EREA and Future Sky

- 09:10

Short introduction on EREA and Future Sky Catalin Nae, Future Sky Coordinator
- 09:40
Possible scenarios for the future Air Transport System (ATS) in 2050 Ligeia Paletti, EREA Vision study

- 10:20

Panel Discussion:

  • Dreaming of 2050: the future of flying

Panellists with:

  • EC DG RTD: Sebastiano Fumero, Future Air Transport Adviser
  • Industry representative: Glenn Llewellyn, VP Zero Emission Aircraft at Airbus
  • Ivo Boscarol, PIPISTREL, Founder and CEO
  • Michel Peters, EREA Chairman

Moderator of the panel:

Catalin Nae, Future Sky Coordinator




C. Nae, Future Sky Coordinator
10:30 End of the EREA side event  

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