The EREA Board is the highest authority within EREA. The chairman of the Board is also the chair of EREA and is assisted by a vice-chair. All the other groups act under the responsibility of the Board.

The EREA Board elected Bruno Sainjon, Chairman and CEO of ONERA, as new Chairman of EREA. He will be supported by Josef Kaspar Chairman of VZLU, who as outgoing EREA chair has traditionally been elected to take over the EREA Vice-Chairmanship. In addition to that the EREA Board appointed Uwe Möller, DLR, as EREA secretary and treasurer, Volker Krajenksi, DLR, as head of the Aeronautical Research Group and Pasquale Schiano, CIRA, as head of the Security Research Group. Under their leadership EREA and its groups will review and adapt the EREA strategy according to the new boundary conditions laid down in Flightpath 2050. EREA will continue to contribute and participate to ACARE in order to contribute to the European research and innovation strategy in Aviation (SRIA).